30-year-old evicted by parents meets deadline to leave home

A 30-year-old man who was ordered by the New York Supreme Court to move out of his parents home has been spotted packing up his belongings ahead of the deadline of his eviction later today.

Michael Rotondo waved to journalists as he drove away from the house in Camillus, New York state. Rotondo, whose eviction from his parents' home drew national attention finally left hours before a court-ordered deadline.

Rotondo's eviction is due to be completed by midday (Eastern Daily Time) today.

"I gotta get going before that thing blows up", he said.

We're told when cops arrived, they asked Rotondo if any weapons were involved in his altercation with his dad and he said no. but revealed he does own a gun and showed them where he kept it. Cops offered to store it for him since he's dealing with a volatile situation and he could get it back later. but Michael chose to keep it and added it to the moving pile.

The Rotondos' house in Camillus, N.Y., where Michael Rotondo, 30, was evicted at the request of his parents.

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Instead, Mark had offered to search for specific items and if he finds them, he'll return them, Michael said.

During his move, Rotondo called police because he believed his 8-year-old son's Legos were in the basement and his dad wouldn't let him look for them. That Rotondo, of Camillus, lost his case and finally moved out Friday after receiving a $3,000 donation from InfoWars radio host Alex Jones. For now, Rotondo says he's "off to an Airbnb". The publication reports that a stranger called him on the phone with just a single word - "loser" - before hanging up, prompting Rotondo to call 911.

Officers arrived and the Lego bricks were found in the meantime, the newspaper said.

"This isn't a game show", he said.

During his vehicle trouble, he told reporters he said goodbye "more or less" to his parents before jumping into his rumbling station wagon.

Calls made to Mark and Christina Rotondo's home Friday were not answered.