Israeli army says has hit 'dozens' of Iranian military targets in Syria

Iran "is seeking to plant very risky weapons in Syria for the specific objective of our destruction", Netanyahu said at the end of a three-way meeting with the leaders of Cyprus and Greece in the Cypriot capital Nicosia.

The sirens went off shortly after the Syrian state news agency and activists reported rocket fire from Israel into southern Syrian just before midnight Wednesday.

"It's clear that everyone realizes the risks of a big confrontation". Israel opened bomb shelters in the Golan Heights, but did not instruct people to enter the shelters.

Israel's reported pre-emptive strike on an Iranian missile battery in Syria last night underscores the deepening sense of crisis in the region.

The Israeli leader, who long called for the deal between Western powers and Iran to be fixed or cancelled, spoke moments after Trump announced his decision in a speech at the White House.

It said some Israeli missiles had been brought down south of the city of Homs.

Israel has been alarmed at Iran's massive military buildup in Syria, where the Iranians are said to control numerous military bases.

The Iranian military, however, is no match for the U.S. army, and is also not able to engage Israel in a conventional war because both the Israeli and American air forces are able to destroy crucial military and economic infrastructure in Iran within minutes.

A tank can be seen on a flatbed trailer as it is carried on a road near the Israeli side of the border with Syria in the Golan Heights Wednesday.

"We want the Iranians to be forced into making the decision to strategically retreat from Syria", Katz said. "They are determined to do it and we are determined to prevent it. Better now than later", he told reporters in Jerusalem before his weekly meeting with his cabinet.

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While his withdrawal does give the US the ability to impose sanctions again, the fact that it is unilateral dooms any potential for those sanctions to exert enough pressure on Iran to draw them back to the negotiating table with the U.S. European diplomats have also been frustrated at the the prime minister's hardline stance against the accord.

Notably, Netanyahu continues to hold it against the JCPOA, that Iran managed to retain its nuclear "know-how".

The timing of the attempted Iranian retaliation against Israel, which coincided with Trump's announcement he would ditch the nuclear agreement, suggests the Iranians were planning to make good on their promise to deliver "special surprises" whenever the United States would quit the deal.

Netanyahu's ministers were threatening two other nations while he was threatening threatened Iran.

In a video, Netanyahu said that Israel "opposed the nuclear deal from the start".

"When it comes to weapons and defending our country, we will not negotiate with anybody", President Hassan Rouhani said.

According to the Haaretz, the alleged Israeli strike was "thwarting a potential Iranian attack".

The strikes, "probably Israeli", targeted a military airport in Aleppo in the country's north and Brigade 47 in Hama, where Iranian forces are stationed, the Observatory said.

In the nuclear field, Russian Federation has already built one reactor at Iran's Bushehr plant, the country's only nuclear power plant, and has started work on two new ones.