Dems Mull Plan to Block Pompeo From State Dept. Confirmation

"Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is confident that Mike Pompeo will be confirmed as secretary of State".

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has scheduled to vote on the nomination Monday, where it has an uncertain fate. They have not yet indicated how they would vote on Pompeo's nomination.

That would prevent Pompeo from getting a favorable committee vote. But if all the other Republicans do stay together, Heitkamp would get you to 50 so Mike Pence could break the tie in favor of confirmation.

Click on the video above Cotton and other senators speak about Pompeo's confirmation.

McConnell could use the nuclear option and rule the Democrat maneuver out of order to bring Pompeo's nomination to the Senate floor, for which he would need a majority vote, The Hill reported.

"I can not imagine that senators like Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Joe Donnelly from IN and Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota, who are facing re-election IN states that our president won by landslide elections are going to oppose an obviously qualified nominee for whom they voted previous year", Cotton said. Both of President Barack Obama's secretary of state nominees earned 94 votes in the 100-member Senate.

"When that meeting is set is strictly up to the president unless Kim Jong Un is going to dictate when it happens". He said Pompeo also was not forthcoming when questioned about the investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian Federation to sway the 2016 election. John McCain, battling mind most cancers at dwelling in Arizona, Republicans, it appears, would wish at the least one Democrat to vote with them in an effort to safe Pompeo's affirmation.

Colin Powell says Pompeo is 'amenable to changes' in his stances
Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp Saves Mike Pompeo Secretary of State Nomination

Paul earlier told reporters it would take a "great deal" and a public declaration that Pompeo shares Trump's world view for him to vote for Pompeo.

"I think it's great", said Inhofe.

"I think this is a sign of how important they believe this is", Gardner said.

"I've known Director Pompeo for eight years", Gardner said. He acquired a positive advice from the Senate's Choose Committee on Intelligence, and he was confirmed by the total Senate in a 66-32 vote. Indeed, no secretary of state going all the way back to Henry Kissinger had ever received more than two negative votes in the Foreign Relations Committee - until Donald Trump became president.

In a press release, Heitkamp stated Pompeo "demonstrated throughout this nomination course of and through our assembly in March that he's dedicated to empowering the diplomats on the State Division to allow them to do their jobs in advancing American pursuits".

The severest criticism in regards to the meeting came from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's ranking member Senator Bob Menendez.

Sergio Gor, Paul's deputy chief of staff, said the senator had agreed to meet with Pompeo but nothing else had changed.

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