United States disappointed over Poland's decision to sign Nazi legislation

Poland's president signed into law on Tuesday a bill that imposes jail terms for suggesting the country was complicit in the Holocaust, prompting sharp criticism from Israel and the United States.

Mr Duda said he would send the text to the Constitutional Tribunal to check whether its regulations comply with the Polish constitution. The Law and Justice party's emphasis on Poland's heroic past has proved an effective domestic electoral strategy, even as it has faced a damaging global backlash after accusations of having emboldened the far right.

The bill also prohibits phrases such as "Polish death camps".

Israel's Foreign Ministry responded to the news of Duda's decision Tuesday, expressing hope that the constitutional review would prompt "changes and corrections".

After Polish President Andrzej Duda signed the controversial Holocaust bill that criminalizes accusations of Polish complicity in Nazi war crimes, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson released a statement condemning the move. "However, many Polish people all over the country chased, informed or actively took part in the murder of over 200,000 Jews during and after the Holocaust", Bennett added.

As reported, the Senate of Poland adopted early on February 1 without any amendments the law on the Institute of National Remembrance, which foresees, in particular, punishment for "crimes of Ukrainian nationalists". But he said restricting fundamental freedoms isn't the answer.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the head of Poland's ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, also said last week: "We don't have any intention to prosecute someone who says that somewhere a single Jew or a family were murdered".

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"[The bill]... protects Polish interests... our dignity, the historical truth... so that we are not slandered as a state and as a nation". "The resulting divisions that may arise among our allies benefit only our rivals". Historians have pointed to incidents, including a 1941 atrocity in the town of Jedwabne, in which Poles rounded up and killed their Jewish neighbors.

Like people in other parts of German-occupied Europe, Poles reacted to the mass killing of Jews in different ways. He was also to meet with Holocaust survivors and Righteous Among the Nations living in Poland. "[We] do not deny that there were cases of huge wickedness" in which Poles denounced Jews, he said, according to the AP.

The new law states that it is now prohibited to suggest Poland was complicit in the crimes of the German Nazis during World War II.

Israel's Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, reiterated its concerns Tuesday.

France said Wednesday Poland's new law making it illegal to attribute Nazi crimes to the Polish state was an "ill advised" move and aimed at safeguarding Poland's image overseas.

Polish officials say they only want to fight historical lies and distortions, primarily ones they see as downplaying the responsibility of Germany's Nazi perpetrators.

"Taking the need to protect Poland's and the Polish people's good name into account ..."