Whatsapp Launches Business App

Business profiles on WhatsApp Business will offer a description, including email, store address and website. With 1.3 billion users, some firms already use the messaging application to answer inquires from customers.

A fake version of WhatsApp Business made its way onto the Google Play store late previous year, and successfully tricked people into installing it. After this verification, those businesses will be listed as "Confirmed accounts" and you'll see a green checkmark against their names on WhatsApp.

LANDLINE/FIXED NUMBER SUPPORT: You can use WhatsApp Business with a landline (or fixed) phone number and your customers can message you on that number.

Businesses on WhatsApp also get a verified badge to display on their profile, messaging statistics, and desktop access.

WhatsApp Business could be a big boon in developing nations, where more informal platforms, like WhatsApp, are used by small businesses to advertise, liaise and sell to customers.

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The WhatsApp Business app itself, which is now only available for Android, only needs to be downloaded by the business user, with customers able to use their normal WhatsApp account.

Business owners who decide to use the new app won't have to worry about their personal account. For regular WhatsApp Messenger users, they won't have to download anything else to start talking to businesses. Business accounts can also configure default, greeting messages for the sake of introductions as well as away messages to let customers know that they are busy. The company quoted a study that showed how over 80 percent of small businesses in India and Brazil say WhatsApp helps them both communicate with customers and grow their business (Morning Consult study). "And WhatsApp Business will make it easier for people to connect with them, and vice versa, in a fast and simple way".

Silicon has contacted WhatsApp for information about plans for an iOS version and when it might be released. Earlier, after clicking on the link of the YouTube video that came on WhatsApp, the video was opened in the user's app in the YouTube app.

Exclusive SMEs app is available in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the US.