Soon you can listen to the radio directly from your Samsung phone

Just months after the FCC badgered Apple to do it; Samsung has finally chose to unlock the FM chip on its upcoming smartphone models. The same company has now teamed up with Samsung which means that the Korean giant's upcoming smartphones in the USA will have their FM chip enabled.

The world's largest Android smartphone maker has agreed to unlock the FM chip in upcoming handsets sold in the United States and Canada, according to NextRadio, maker of an FM radio app. Samsung itself did not immediately respond to PCMag's request for comment about NextRadio's announcement. The app also works on devices without an active FM chip by streaming local FM stations over the internet, which uses more battery and data. Meanwhile, emergency information came via FM radio signals - which, in many cases, the victims couldn't access, because their chips were locked.

Motorola, LG, and Alcatel have also joined in the FM chip activation initiative.

There are no hardware changes, as FM receivers are already present in most smartphones - it's just not all smartphone makers activate them. By activating the FM chip, users will be able to stay up to date by easily disseminating information over the radio. It is simply a matter of smartphone manufacturers enabling the chip for that functionality.

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The company was (wrongly) accused of blocking the FM radio chips in iPhone handsets, but was quick to point out the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 don't even have them.

Most smartphones ship with FM chips, but they are usually not enabled for various reasons.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai previous year asked Apple to activate the FM radio chips installed in their phones in the interest of public safety.