McMaster: Russia Probe Not Impeding NSA's Work or US Allies

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday that he believes it's time to start moving the families of American military personnel out of South Korea as North Korea pushes the US closer to a military conflict.

The missile is said to have flown almost 2,800 miles high and for a distance of more than 600 miles.

With one month of its two-year UN Security Council term remaining, Japan took up the rotating presidency on Friday ahead of a series of meetings to discuss the situation in North Korea.

On Saturday Russia's Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated his country's condemnation of the missile test.

Seoul's Korean Times quoted a defence source, who is aware of the latest development, as saying that the brigade's mission will be to eliminate key North Korean authorities if there is a full-fledged conflict in the region.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the United States is planning to carry out the largest-ever joint aerial drill with South Korea targeting the DPRK from December 4 to 8, which he said will push the current touch-and-go situation in the peninsula to a possible flare-up. It also hurt nascent diplomatic efforts and raised fears of a pre-emptive US strike.

"We are in a race to be able to solve this problem", McMaster said.

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No, you know, I've seen no evidence of the investigation in any way impeding the important work that we're doing.

The South Korean military has launched a special unit to "decapitate" North Korea's leadership, including the country's powerful leader Kim Jong-un, in case a war breaks out in the Korean peninsula.

"We obviously are not looking for a military solution ourselves", Bessho said.

So what we're endeavoring to do is to regain our strategic focus, and so what the president asked us to do in the National Security Council is, devolving responsibilities and authorities and decision-making back to the departments.

Russian Federation and China have proposed a roadmap for defusing the crisis in the region.

"We are trying in the Security Council to find a way to make (North Korea) change its policy and that is a role we play here and that is the role that I will be playing as president of the Security Council".

On the heels of Wednesday's emergency Security Council session on the test-firing, however, he could not offer new details on what the council may decide to do to in response. The United States has imposed its own sanctions against the DPRK.