Democrats pull out of White House meeting after Trump's Twitter attack

It's a misleading tweet - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (N.Y.) don't want to raise taxes on Americans, for example - but the gist of it is that Democrats oppose the Republican tax bill and want to protect "dreamer" immigrants, so why should Trump trust them to negotiate in good faith?

"Given that the president doesn't see a deal between Democrats and the White House, we believe the best path forward is to continue negotiating with our Republican counterparts in Congress instead", their statement said. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan also reprimanded their Democratic colleagues for not showing up, though it was possible to nearly miss their presence, sitting at far ends of the table.

Instead of a White House get together with Trump, the Democratic leaders have asked their Republican congressional counterparts - Sen.

Rep. Tom Cole, an Oklahoma Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, said it would be hard for Democrats to blame Republicans for a shutdown if they were the ones who walked away from talks with the president.

After Trump tweeted he didn't see a possible deal with Democrats, Democratic leaders backed out of a meeting with the president. "I think the Democratic leaders in the House and Senate need to understand the way the government works".

Pelosi and Schumer added they "don't have any time to waste" in addressing the issues on their agenda and would work with Republicans who are "interested in reaching bipartisan agreement". Or will they vote against it and shut down the government? "They're weak on crime, they're weak on illegal immigration, they want the illegal folks to come pouring into our border - and a lot of problems are being caused, although we've stopped it to a large extent, as much as you can without the wall, which we're going to get".

Back at the White House, with empty seats beside him featuring name tags for Schumer and Pelosi, Trump addressed the media.

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Republican leaders did not bite on Democrats' efforts to cut Trump out of the negotiations, even though privately, both sides agree that Trump's unpredictability seriously upends negotiations.

And on Capitol Hill, some progress was made on Tuesday during talks on the Republican tax bill.

Mr. Trump, though, said he won't hesitate to blame Democrats for a shutdown.

Trump's comments highlight the sticking points between Democrats and Republicans as the December 8 deadline to avert a government shutdown looms.

"What we do now is return to our Republican colleagues and say, 'Is this the direction you want to take our government at the end of the year?'" said Representative Joseph Crowley of NY, a member of the Democratic leadership. Trump wants a big, handsome border wall.

"We have a very serious approach".

Tuesday morning, the president tweeted about an upcoming bipartisan meeting.