Houston Astros Player Under Fire for Racist Gesture

This is what he should be ridiculed for, not his juvenile antics in making what's being called racist gestures after hitting a home run off Yu Darvish (who is Iranian/Japanese) in the second inning of Friday's World Series game.

After hitting a home run off Darvish to put the Astros ahead of Los Angeles early in Friday's Game Three, the 33-year-old Cuban was caught on camera using his hands to make a slanted-eye gesture while in the dugout.

"I didn't think anybody would think (bad) about what I meant with all those kinds of things like that", Gurriel said through his translator. "Quite the opposite. I have always had a lot of respect [for Japanese people]".

"The gesture was saying that I wish he would look at me like one of them and maybe he'd throw me an easy pitch so I can do something, " Gurriel said, according to USA Today. "I was commenting to my teammates that I hadn't had any good luck against Japanese pitchers".

Darvish called the gesture "disrespectful", but later said he hoped it could be a teachable moment. Darvish is not Chinese; he was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and Iranian father. He grew up in Japan and played there before coming to Major League Baseball in 2012.

In announcing the suspension, the commissioner offered four reasons why Gurriel would not be forced to miss any time for the remainder of the World Series. Now, MLB, which will meet with Gurriel before Game 4 on Saturday, could come to him and the Astros and advise that taking a suspension without a fight is what's best for the league, given the racially-charged climate in the sports world right now.

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"I know he's remorseful", Houston manager A.J. Hinch said.

The league and the players union also could negotiate a deal and propose that Gurriel accept it, foregoing the need for an appeal. Matt Joyce of the Oakland Athletics and Kevin Pillar of the Toronto Blue Jays each were suspended two games this season for using anti-gay slurs.

"I see a difference between behavior from one player directed specifically at a player and a logo", he said. "If Darvish feels offended, I want to apologize to him".

"Nobody's flawless and everybody is different and then. we just. have to learn from it", he said.

Darvish responded as well, taking to Twitter to ask everyone to focus on moving forward from the incident. He was traded to the Dodgers at this year's July 31 trade deadline.